Our History


In 1991, Gloria Malone, the President of Alpha Tau Omega Chapter, and Attorney Monica Certui discussed the possibility of organizing a 501(c)(3) account for the sorority because of the generosity of two past Chapter Presidents, Onita B. Chretien and Lucille Bonnett. Their gifts totaled more than $20,000, generating funds for scholarships to deserving high school students. The chapter was already receiving scholarship funds from other sources such as, Robbie B. Hilliard, Yvonne Holloway, Leona B. Williams, Audrey Northcutt, Invest in Our Youth, and African American Male. In 1991 the ATΩ Chapter added an HBCU Scholarship for students planning to attend St. Philip’s College.

The idea, presented to both the Alpha Tau Omega Executive Board and to the Chapter was approved and the 501(c)(3) became a reality. The Foundation was appropriately named The Alpha Tau Omega Educational Fund, Inc. and the Incorporators were members of the current ATΩ Executive Board and members of the Scholarship Committee. Initial financial goals and projected account maintenance was set at $25,000.

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. issued new guidelines governing foundations and chapters which became effective September 15, 2011. Guidelines mandated that foundations could no longer serve under the umbrella of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. The foundations had to become a separate legal entity which conducted business in its own name. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.’s name could not be used in any part of the foundation’s name. Therefore, on April 4, 2012, the Alpha Tau Omega Education Fund, Inc. legally changed its name to San Antonio Ivy Educational Fund, Incorporated. In addition to the name change, the foundation also requested and was approved from IRS to expand its charitable services to the community in the furtherance of the purposes for which the foundation was organized. These purposes would be realized through scholarships to youth and other projects which meet the approved criteria. The SAIEF was also approved by IRS to support other organizations through grants and programs on a charitable basis in the furtherance of the purpose upon which the foundation was organized.