Educational Enrichment

Mahogany Brain Challenge (MBC)

The goal of MBC is to provide an educational activity during Black history month in the form of an African-American history quiz competition for youth from 3rd to 8th grade to learn about the historical experiences and contributions made by African-Americans. The purpose of this competition is to strengthen team building skills and promotes a positive attitude toward racial identity.

Reading Programs The purpose of this program is to utilize reading and a means to educate children on what it means to live a healthier, more natural and environmentally safe lifestyle through reading. Children will be inspired to think green by thinking about the world, their relationship to it, and their ability to influence Reading tutorial sessions will be provided to at risk youth in the community and activities will be planned that will enhance the reading skills of inner city youth.

Scholarships The implementation of a scholarship program, including establishing the criteria of scholarship applicants, selection of scholarship recipients, monitoring of the recipients’ continued eligibility for participation in the program and mentoring recipients.